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Tests Processed
Risks Indicators Found
Client Retention
Participant Satisfaction

What we do best

Biometric Screenings

We are the health screening experts. As one of the few companies specializing in national biometric screenings, eHealthScreenings can focus all resources on optimizing screening technology and service levels. The result? A simple screening process for our clients. We provide real-time, quantifiable data to ensure that companies target the most critical health risks and develop positive traction with their employee wellness programs. We offer onsite screenings, offsite screenings, physician submission services, at-home-kits and flu shots to companies with as few as 20 employees, to those with over 150,000 employees and to strategic partners that manage millions of lives.

Incentive Management

If companies are seeking a powerful, straightforward incentive management program, eHealthScreenings is the solution. We’ve developed several turnkey incentive programs that are easy to administer and track. We take care of the administration, appeals process, reasonable alternative options, medical exclusions, and following screenings we’ll send you a completion file. It’s that simple. Need a custom program? We can provide that too.


eHealthScreenings is also a software development company. We pride ourselves on leading the industry in innovation. We’ve innovated each piece of our software internally, including our tablet-based data collection platform for real-time data transfer. We’ve integrated with hundreds of companies via single sign-on (SSO) connections and automated data exports, both eHealthScreenings standards, making programs seamless. We offer API’s, secure data transfer, real-time data, pre-populated forms, advanced scheduling systems, online dashboards and much more. Software lease is also available, so if you are mainly interested in our award winning technology, that’s an option too.


eHealthScreenings has best-in-class reporting. Employees have access to dashboards, comparison charts, hard copy reports and animated educational videos. Employers have access to real-time dashboards and screening trackers that include features such as high-risk trending, cohort reporting, benchmarking, segment stratification, participation reporting, screening progress charts, registration trends, demographics information, screening mapping and much more.

Product Showcase

Screenings include the following

Individual Reporting

Personalized results are available in as few as 1-2 days. eHealthScreenings offers online reporting pages, booklets, animated educational videos, national and internal comparison charts, online results dashboards, yearly tracking and much more.

Employer Reporting

eHealthScreenings provides employers access to real-time dashboards that include features such as high-risk trending, cohort reporting, participation reporting, screening progress charts, registration trends, demographics information, screening location trackers and much more.

Smartphone App

With the same functionality as the online scheduler, the eHealthScreenings smartphone app, available on Apple and Android, includes appointment scheduling, offsite GPS mapping, real-time offsite screening registration, physician submission capabilities, report viewing and archiving.

Designated Management Team

Your eHealthScreenings project manager will lead you through the implementation process from start to finish and act as your designated point of contact tailoring your project to your specific needs. A member of senior leadership will also oversee your program, along with IT and coordinator support.

Convenient Locations

With thousands of nationwide locations to choose from, it’s simple for employees to find an eHealthScreenings location that is convenient.

Digital Forms

eHealthScreenings provides digital forms for all offsite screenings and physicians submissions. Most forms are digital, but paper forms can be provided for screening walk-ins or populations that may be a bit less tech oriented.

Health Education

Because it’s a powerful step toward healthy changes, eHealthScreenings offers immediate, easy-to-understand results overviews, animated educational videos, comprehensive reporting, and more tools that are optimized for successful learning and creating positive change.

Marketing Support

We meet the unique needs of our clients. The eHealthScreenings online scheduler, reports and marketing fliers can all be private labeled or co-branded to client specifications. We provide comprehensive marketing support with customized marketing fliers and we also offer automated marketing programs.

Appointment Scheduling

We offer a customizable online appointment scheduler for every client as part of our standard service. eHealthScreenings also offers the ability to schedule over the phone through an interactive voice response system for consent form agreements and scheduling via our mobile app. We can assign administrative access to the back end of our system so a local site contact can also register individuals.

IT Integration and Data Exports

Whether it’s a single sign-on (SSO) connection on the front end or daily data exports on the back end, eHealthScreenings makes the integration process very simple. Our system was designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any third party system. The technology we incorporate enables us to transfer data that is secure, HIPAA compliant and supports most data formats. Our system also offers full API capabilities.

Our edge

Our pricing

As one of the only true biometric screening wholesalers in the industry, eHealthScreenings provides the most robust screening services at the best value without cutting any corners. Our cost savings are possible because our business operation is efficient, saving you money.

National Staffing

Providing screenings in all 50 states, eHealthScreenings has you covered with an established network of thousands of certified wellness technicians, over 1700 nationwide lab locations, and licensed physicians in every state. We provide seamless, comprehensive services for companies with as few as 20 employees, to those with over a 150,000 employees and to strategic partners that manage millions of lives.

Proven Record

eHealthScreenings has a reputation for being the most reliable screening company in the business. We’ve built our strong reputation by working with some of the largest and best insurance providers, hospitals, labs, employers, wellness providers, EAP’s and brokers. Our documented client satisfaction levels are over 99%.

Screening Options

We offer a variety of testing options, screening panels and basic biometrics. Onsite venipuncture or finger stick testing methods are our standard, but eHealthScreenings also provides offsite lab screenings, at home kits and physician submission choices to provide services to reach all employees. Our panels are offered a la carte, making customization simple.

Our Wellness Technicians

eHealthScreenings offers the very best! Our certified technicians must pass strict hiring requirements, background checks, license checks and a comprehensive training program. All are continually evaluated via an algorithm-based scoring matrix, ensuring that we only send the best to your screenings.

Support Team

A hallmark of eHealthScreenings is the reputation we’ve earned for our consistency of delivering excellent customer support. Once your screening is requested, you will have a team designated to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a successful experience.

Our Technology

eHealthScreenings is home to the best development team in the health screening industry, enabling us to pioneer the way in using technology to manage all screening operations. Our clients love that we developed our own technology so that changes or integrations can be made quickly and efficiently.

We're Innovative

As one of our most important core values, eHealthScreenings leads the way in innovation, creating technologies and processes in the health screening industry – including tablet technology, real-time data dashboards, automated exports, technician management systems, training systems and operational processes. All software developed internally provides the flexibility to make changes effectively and cost efficiently.

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